I felt the session was really useful as it gradually introduced the difficult conversations that happen in the tutor role and equipped them with practical support of how they can help the pupil and signposted support they can access
School inset day staff training
We were seen quickly, no long waits and the timings of sessions were flexible around school and work hours. We would recommend walking talking therapy
My talking and walking sessions helped me to get out of the house and helped me to feel more confident going for walks
I enjoyed my therapy sessions outside, but also liked the fact that you can choose where to be seen and I didn’t have to be seen in school or at home five stars from me!
I am feeling better after talking things through with June and I am now attending school again after being off for some time with anxiety I would recommend walking talking therapy, thank you for your help June 😊
My mood has improved since meeting with June. She has helped me to overcome some of the trauma I have experienced. I can’t recommend her enough
I would recommend the walking talking therapy. I have adhd and I struggle sitting in a room for a long time, but have enjoyed being outside for my appointments and walking with June and our dogs
I liked talking and walking it really helped with my anxiety and I felt calmer being outside in nature. Thank you *****
I have had depression for a long time and no other therapy has helped, but walking talking therapy seems to be helping me as it gets me moving and I feel more motivated to get well and stay well and I have never felt like that before so thank you June for all of your help I will be recommending walking talking therapy
Thank you so much June. Dr Fry was very impressed after your chat the other day, so we will definitely be keeping you in mind for potential patients
The session with June was really helpful and gave me confidence to tackle the more difficult sides of the tutor role
School inset workshop for teaching staff
I found it incredibly useful, especially the case studies and the chance to talk through scenarios - this will give teachers confidence that they know their pupils and their instincts are often right
School staff training
Thank you June for all of your support and for helping me overcome many challenges which were impacting on my mood *****
Thank you for helping my son through his transition from primary school to secondary school. He has settled in well and no longer has high levels of anxiety after taking on board what he learnt from his appointments with you. I would highly recommend this service
June helped us to understand our child’s recent diagnosis of Autism and helped us with many challenges we came up against at home and at school, I would highly recommend this service and the parent workshops
My son was getting into trouble at school and was on the verge of exclusion before June stepped in and helped us as parents and school understand his needs and the underlying cause for his behaviour. He is now doing really well and is now in year 11 completing his GCSE’s. I would highly recommend June and walking talking therapy
I attended a parent course which helped me to understand more about neuro diversity. I can’t thank June enough for all of the information and knowledge she shared in the group which has helped me to understand my child’s needs better
We would highly recommend June, she helped us feel relaxed during our assessment and was able to answer all of our questions. My 17 year old daughter who doesn’t usually like to talk about her difficulties opened up to June and we got all the help we needed and she supported us with speaking to our gp about my daughter physical health and having checks done there too which helped my daughter to take that first step in seeking the help she needed for an eating disorder
Our autistic teenage daughter has been going through a serious bout of depression to the point she wanted to end her life and ended up in hospital. We sought help from June and she has been incredible. Not only in enabling our daughter to confide in her and acknowledge her feelings, thoughts and emotions but also as parents how we engage, understand and support our daughter through this difficult time and moving forwards. It’s like a whole new channel of communication and understanding has opened up between us. We can’t thank and recommend June enough. Mr & Mrs A

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