I have created this website and my social media platforms with no funding from anyone else whatsoever, nor am I a charity, I just do this in my spare time as I have a passion for helping others and want to use my experience and expertise to help improve lives and improve mental health services.

Your donation will help me to add more features to this website such as games to distract people from intrusive thoughts, services to the website for you to use if you wish, and hopefully give someone who is struggling a place to come and find the services and resources, that they may desperately need. 

Your donations will also enable me to offer more affordable rates and provide some free walking talking therapy sessions to those that may not be able to afford private therapy due to personal and/or difficult circumstances. It will also enable time for me to support those individuals and/or families, parents or carers that may need direction and signposting with my support with no added charge or fees. 
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Thank you for reading, thank you for your support and welcome to my website.

About us

Struggling with your mental health, feeling lonely or want company on a walk. Get in touch to see how we can help.


Ethos and Approach

We believe in the providing a supportive intervention from the first contact through our therapeutic assessment. | Copyright© 2022, All Rights Reserved