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Walking Talking Therapy

What is walking talking therapy?

Basically, it means walking and talking during your therapy session, rather than being enclosed in a clinic room, sitting in designated chairs. This can feel quite intense for some clients, to have the therapist sit opposite them. Walking next to each other, side-by-side, even with the social distancing guidelines in the current climate, can for some feel more equal and less formal. However, walking isn’t a must, sitting down somewhere in nature is also an option. It means doing therapy outdoors, in nature, often including or bringing nature and movement into the sessions. You are welcome to bring your dog along for the walk too. If you prefer to receive therapy in another setting that is also an option too. The choice is yours and most importantly we want you to feel comfortable.

Talking therapies, or psychological therapies, are effective and confidential treatments delivered by fully trained and accredited practitioners. Helping with common mental health problems like stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Walking talking therapy provides specialist bespoke training packages in a wide number of settings. We provide specialist training to schools, colleges, universities and other education settings on subjects which include an overview of mental health, anxiety, depression and many more topics with a specific focus on the education setting including Internet safety.

What We Offer

Here at walking talking therapy we offer mental health support/therapy to adults, children, young people, couples and families. Rates vary depending on the need of the client and this service is also offered online. We can walk together in nature, talk on the phone or meet remotely online, the choice is yours.

We also offer support to companies, businesses, sports clubs, artists, bands and musicians, offering mental health support to those that may want/need it in the workplace including education settings.

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Ethos and Approach

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